CLASSICWall Panels

Our Classic Collection is made with stones of different types imitating classical coatings suitable for cottages, apartments, country houses and other spaces. Our collection of panels that mimic the stone is an excellent choice when looking to reflect a serene environment. Because of the variety of tones and colors, ranging from imitation white stone to the black stone through shades of gray, also including various shades of brown, the coatings classic collection is the ideal way to give a personalized touch to your space, as this collection of panels that mimic the stone can be used both in homes, giving an atmosphere of tranquility, and offices providing and environment of trust and serenity, offering an exquisite sight.


Wall Cladding Collection

Another advantage offered by this collection is in the size and shapes of stone with models that mimic from long thin stones to large square stones, or even a classic coating with shapeless stones; all those options plus a touch of imagination will give you a lot of possibilities to create a unique and special space, no matter whether it is a rustic or a business and urban environment.