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Wall Covering with Decorative Panels

Home Panelling

Give your walls a brick, stone, vintage or design style makeover without having to re plaster. Choose from a wide range of styles to help make any room in your house a comfortable gathering place. Our panels can easily be installed and can even be fitted over existing tiles. No maintenance is required.

Business & Commercial

Choose from more than 200 different decorative panels that suit your business: restaurants, hotels, offices, pubs and shops, anywhere requiring a cost effective stylish wall surface solution. We provide a high quality impact resistant product which requires very low maintenance.

Outdoor Panelling

High Definition panels for coating all types of walls and ceilings, suitable for outdoor use in public places and crowded areas (façades, large buildings, saunas and wet rooms. Resistant to all kind of weather conditions. They provide thermal and acoustic insulation properties. No mutation to heat, freeze and defrost. Excellent water repellent.

After more than 40 years’ experience in the sector of Wall panelling decoration, Industrias JIMAN Panel Piedra has always been committed to design and quality, which are fundamental elements to satisfy our costumers’ needs.

Our decorative panels such as our Stone panel provide your home with a more comfortable and cosy environment, transmit a warm sensation and what it is even better is they can be placed virtually anywhere, from the living room to the office, bath or a balcony.

We are present in more than 30 countries all over the world and we are specialists in stone panel decoration. We use cutting-edge technologies so our decorative panels which imitate stone show totally realistic and with an outstanding visual effect.

Why decorate your home with stone panels?

Stone Panel is a decorative element that provides a huge amount of advantages and benefits beyond visual appearance. With this kind of decorative panels you can make your dreams of having a traditional or rustic house combined with a modern touch come true. Besides, and due to the wide range of textures, colors and shapes available, decoration possibilities are infinite.

Where can they be used?

Whether you want to have a cosy lounge with stone panels that match your fireplace or simply want to give a radical change to the walls of your home, our decorative panels are perfect for just the look you want. Perhaps one of the best aspects that this type of panels offers to decorate imitating brick is that you can order them according to your taste and needs.It can be panel imitation stone or brick panel; in any

It can be panel imitation stone or brick panel; in any case, the visual results are excellent, you do not even have to worry about installation because you can do it yourself with the right tools. In other words, this type of panels that mimic stone has the size and the perfect dimensions so that anyone can easily assemble them by screwing them directly to the wall.



One of the main advantages of using a stone panel as a decorative element for your home is how incredibly realistic final results are. With our range of panels you will be able to renovate your favorite rooms and you will provide your home the coziness you always wished for. Compared with polyurethane panels stone panels are not only much more realistic and beautiful but also much affordable and even tougher.

Other advantages of using Stone panels:

  • It can be used both inside and outside your house.
  • High resistance and durability wherever you place it
  • Provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home
  • It adapts easily to any deco
  • It’s available in any texture, finish and color
  • Easy installation
  • Cheaper than any other Wall covering or decorative panel
  • Unbelievable realism and totally natural look
  • Adaptable to all needs and homes