542 White brick decorative stone panels - feature wall in a living room
542 Feature wall - faux brick wall cladding
542 Faux brick wall cladding - living room
542 Aged White British Faux Brick veneer also for commercial use
542 Aged White British Brick wall veneer - fireplace
542 Aged White British Brick decorative wall panel - desk
White British Brick wall covering -fireplace (541)
Aged Red British Brick wall cladding -manikin close up (540)
542 White brick decorative stone panels - feature wall in a living room


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    Panel Installation

    Available in 4 colours

    The decorative panel “British Brick” is perfect for decorating your home or business.  Provide your pub or restaurant with the real British look and create unique environments that make your house or business a  place and with a different style.

    Key Benefits

    • The lightest panel in the market.
    • Easy and simple installation.
    • Quick installation system.
    • Cost savings in labor.
    • Perfect finish.
    • Does not require maintenance
    • Excellent soundproof qualities.
    • Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity.
    • Excellent flame retardant properties.
    • Excellent water-repellent,
    • No mutation to heat, freeze and defrost.
    • Not permeable.
    • Minimum abrasion.
    • High resistance to most chemicals.
    • Elegant combinations of materials and designs.
    • Ease of transport and handling.
    Old British Brick Panels
    Loft Brick Panels