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    Panel Installation

    With Nature Collection PanelStone invests on a new panel completely wood-made. Outstanding and colourful Cabernet is unique for its multitude and overlapping woods in different shades. It is a decorative panel which gives a warm and cosy feeling in any environment. It is made out of a blend of recycled woods from Rioja Wine barrels. These panels not only decorate walls with a unique visual appearance but are widely used because they are highly durable and resistant. Cabernet is an example of a decorative panel designed with the highest quality to provide an exceptional finish and can be used in any type of room. This type of panel is perfect for decorating walls in your bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedrooms and basically any place you want to create a much more visually pleasing environment. They are made of natural wood in different tones, so they are perfect to provide a colourful atmosphere. They are not only exclusive to homes, but also for offices, hotel reception areas and bedrooms, as well as any commercial establishment. It’s a perfect decorative panel due to its shape and design features, for those who seek a modern and elegant decor.

    Key Benefits

    • The lightest panel in the market.
    • Easy and simple installation.
    • Quick installation system.
    • Cost savings in labor.
    • Perfect finish.
    • Does not require maintenance
    • Excellent soundproof qualities.
    • Good thermal insulation and anti-humidity.
    • Excellent flame retardant properties.
    • Excellent water-repellent,
    • No mutation to heat, freeze and defrost.
    • Not permeable.
    • Minimum abrasion.
    • High resistance to most chemicals.
    • Elegant combinations of materials and designs.
    • Ease of transport and handling.